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10 very useful travel tips!

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10 very useful travel tips!

I have enjoyed some really good holidays in my time, from delightful coach tours and relaxing river cruise tours to some wonderful package holidays in the sun. I have never tired of the absolute joy and excitement a forthcoming holiday brings and never will.

Coach Tour.

River cruising.

Beautiful Resorts.

Having said that, lets get back to the subject matter in hand! Have you ever gone on holiday and wished you had picked up some useful travel tips before you arrived? Well I certainly have, so thought it might be helpful just to provide a few tips I have picked up on my travels. I’ve listed them 1-10 and hope they come in useful. I’ll also keep on the look out for any more and let you know.

Enjoy reading and please let me know if anyone has any more handy tips.

1. Valuable voltage!

Electrical currents vary in Britain and on the continent of Europe. Some appliances have dual voltage, but if not, we suggest you carry a converter for your electric shaver, travelling iron and other small appliances. Also, pins, holes and plugs differ everywhere, so buy a universal electrical travel adapter before you go to prevent accidents and damage to your appliance.

2. Always brand new!

When you begin your tour or holiday your fellow passengers have never seen you or your clothes before. Both you and your clothes are totally new to them. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and you will not only be more comfortable you’ll be more relaxed.

3. Faux for your own good!

Junk jewellery or fabulous fakes travel beautifully. Leave items of great monetary or sentimental value at home where you know they are safe. It means you will be a little more carefree.

4. Strange brew!

We all like our favourite brew in the morning but in Europe you won’t always find tea and coffee making facilities in the hotel room. Be prepared. Buy an immersion heater either here or on the Channel Ferry, take a supply of tea bags etc. and your morning can start just as it does at home.

5. Blow it up!

Plastic hangers that inflate are a great boon to travellers. They keep the back separate from the front of your skirt or blouse and it will drip and dry far faster than a conventional wooden/wire coat hanger. The blow up hanger leaves the item wrinkle and snag free.

6. Toothless wonders!

Some of us wear dentures. If you happen to have a second set, take them along. Should your regular ones break, or you throw them away (as many people have) you can keep smiling, and enjoying your holiday.

7. The buzz word!

Wake up calls are always given to passengers when on a touring holiday. Should the call not go through, or heavy sleepers not hear it, your own back up alarm clock is a good insurance. One that is lightweight and simple to operate. It’s nothing to be alarmed about but Tour Directors adore passengers who are on time.

8. Keep the corn on the cob!

When your shoes look lovely but your feet are killing you, you’ve made a big mistake. Have on a pair of ‘broken in’ shoes for daytime walking. This is truly one travel tip that’s not corny.

9. Detectives on tour!

Detectives do something you should do every time you check out of your hotel. Open every drawer, look under every bed and behind every door including the bathroom. Returning items forgotten or left behind is virtually impossible and good detectives avoid the problem. Please be a detective.

10. 2 is good for U!

For couples, never pack one suitcase for one person and one suitcase for the other person. Split belongings between the two cases. If one case goes astray neither person is left without a change of clothes and necessities. Also, have a credit card or ATM card per person, so if one person loses their wallet or purse, you still have spending power.

Well that’s it for now, so please save yourselves from a lot of time, bother and inconvenience and take heed of these delightful travel tips!

Here’s hoping you all have a safe and happy journey wherever you may land!

Again, please let me know if anyone has anymore useful travel tips.

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