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Dutch Bulbfields & Windmills in Old Amsterdam!

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Dutch Bulbfields & Windmills in Old Amsterdam!

Oh, what a classic – A Windmill In Old Amsterdam has just played on the radio and has brought back a multitude of memories. Recorded by the legendary Ronnie Hilton in the year I was born in 1965 and now a familiar song for many generations of people. However, it may hold even more significance for me as I am half dutch on my Mother’s side and did live in the Netherlands in a place called Horn for a number of years as a child. I especially remember Castle Horn, a beautiful and mysterious castle not far from where we lived, and the many windmills dotted around the very flat landscape.

It then dawned on me that I have a husband and four children and not one of them has seen where I lived as a child or knows anything of any real significance about the Netherlands in general. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go and visit the places I had experienced as a child. This then got me thinking about taking a family trip which would allow us to visit these places as well as exploring some of the more popular places to visit in Holland and the surrounding area.

I decided to trawl the internet for some inspiration and found the perfect solution on a web site called ''. It had a wonderful sounding tour called Amsterdam, Kinderdijk & the Dutch Bulbfields which starts in Amsterdam and made its way round some of the most beautiful and historical places to be found in the Netherlands. I thought we could visit my childhood neighbourhood first and then embark on the tour.

 When arriving in Amsterdam you will be taken to your ship to settle into your luxurious cabin, and familiarise yourself with the fabulous surroundings.

The journey next takes you to the quaint port of Enkhuizen, which lies nestled at the edge of the Zuiderzee, and experience some of the legacies of the Dutch Golden Age.

The following day you'll arrive at Rotterdam, a vibrant and historical city with a strong maritime heritage. Wonder at the amazing architecture, including the unusual cube houses built on stilts and tilted at strange angles.

The following morning you’ll get to see the picturesque and beautiful Keukenhof Gardens, I believe the world’s largest floral park, before returning to  Amsterdam.

The tour ends in Amsterdam where you can explore some historical wonders such as the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum which houses some of the brilliant work by the famous and troubled artist.

I’m going to book this 'Amsterdam, Kinderdijk & the Dutch Bulbfields' tour and will be looking forward to the looks on my family’s faces when they witness some of the worlds most wonderful sights – I personally can’t wait to go down memory lane while also singing silently to myself  ‘A Windmill In Old Amsterdam’.

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