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The most important aspects of CostSaver Tours organized by Trafalgar are the exciting in-depth itineraries, the prompt and comfortable airport transfers, the efficient and excellent service provided to the visitors and the highly experienced Travel Directors.  Thousands of guests from different parts of the world have joined the guided holidays to different places in Asia, Europe, North and Central America, South America, Africa and Australia. When you read reviews on these holiday trips by past guests you will find out that the guests enjoy every moment of their trips, since CostSaver take care of each and every detail. While everyone agrees that the quality of service as well as facilities exceeded the expectations, none had complained that the budget was exceeded. All those who had chosen these holiday tours to various destinations across the world had admired the efficient service of the Travel Directors as well as the Local Specialists. The coach tours are arranged by CostSaver and operated by Trafalgar, ensuring the guests a day full of surprises, excitement and enjoyment. The guests will have daily breakfast included in most itineraries, with lunch and dinner served in carefully selected restaurants that offer quality food for reasonable prices.

Surprising and exciting trips

The guided holidays of CostSaver by Trafalgar are so popular the world over mainly because the company they are part of has been in the travel business for more than fifty years. They select the destinations and provide the sightseeing, experiences and hotels which others at great value for money prices. The CostSaver Tours are not only cost-effective but also comfortable because the organizers take care of even the minor aspects. The Travel Directors and the guides are committed to make each day of the trip a memorable day for the guest and the visit to each place an unforgettable exploration. Trafalgar arranges coach tours worldwide in air-conditioned coaches that are provided with WiFi. The gusts can have ample time to relax an also they can have optional experiences. In addition to the usual sight-seeing trips the surprise visits to selected places make your holidays more exciting as well as eventful. The 10 day CostSaver Tour to Italy arranged by Trafalgar provides the guests the opportunity to enjoy the best of Italy within their budget.

Optional trips

Whilst the tours include all the essential sights in each country, guests have the opportunity to 'tailor their tour' with optional experiences. Those who join a city tour in Rome get the opportunity to visit St.Peter’s Basilica, with the option to vist the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums and the Roman Colosseum. A fascinating 28 tour around Europe includes Greece includes Athens and there's an optional Greek Island cruise. The cultural insights by the local guides make the guided holidays in Europe more interesting than you could discover on your own and the visitors will have the opportunity to know about the unique aspects of each region from cooking to local customs. Those who visit Canada can view the Niagara Falls from a helicopter flight as an optional experience. Similarly those who visit Paris can choose to spend an exciting evening at a can-can show near the Moulin Rougue.


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