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Travellers who choose to go with Riviera travel are assured of an unforgettable holiday trip with relaxing experiences and pleasant surprises. The trip organizers take care of all the tour requirements including booking tickets on the most convenient flights, often from your local airport and arranging accommodation in the most suitable hotels. Riviera has a proven track record of arranging escorted tours for more than 30 years to various destinations all over the world and they enable the visitors to experience a true flavour of where they visit instead of simply going sightseeing. Riviera Travel provides the visitors the opportunity to explore the various places and find out something exciting or interesting which remained unnoticed all these years. The Tour Managers of Riviera are highly professional and they have update knowledge of the places where they escort the visitors. Though the holiday trips are luxurious as well as highly comfortable, they are certainly not beyond your reach. This aspect makes Riviera Travel unique. Nobody will expect to visit these places so comfortably for the prices offered by Riviera. 

Less expensive, more comfortable

Going for vacation trips abroad is always expensive. By way of providing the choice on various discretionary items to the visitors, Riviera is able to arrange the escorted tours to more than 140 different destinations across the world in the most cost-effective way. Riviera Travel arrange amazing river cruises for which they provide ships of exceptional quality. Riviera Travel offers you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of various locations in the world and explore the many wonders of the world without making it into a highly expensive trip. As a matter of fact the customers of Riviera are legendary. Those who get the opportunity to enjoy the fun and comfort of Riviera Travel once are sure to make it a point to opt for more escorted tours arranged by Riviera Travel. Except for the price tag the holidays organized by Riviera Travel fall under a 4 or 5-star category. The guests are assured of prompt personal care throughout the trip. They will have the rare opportunity to visit the local communities, interact with the local people and learn about their ways of living. The visitors can also try the delicious local cuisine.

Ganga River Cruise

The river cruise arranged by Riviera Travel will include crew charges, shore trips, food and drinks. Tickets for return flights are included and sometimes premium economy upgrades are available for purchase. The Ganga river cruise in India arranged by Riviera Travel is highly exciting and you can enjoy seven nights aboard a four-star ship. As part of this trip you can visit many places of interest in Old and New Delhi and can enjoy the spectacular view of Taj Mahal in the morning light. You can also visit the historic city of Varanasi and view the streets during an amazing rickshaw ride.


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