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Spotlight on Greece plus Greek Sailing

  • Spotlight on Greece plus Greek Sailing

Contiki tours are for the 18-35 age group only

If you like exploring ancient worlds and getting caught in the sun, this is the trip for you. In Greece we take a step back in time and marvel at the remnants of ancient civilisation with 4 days of intensive exploring through the famous Acropolis, Agamemmnon's Palace, Deplhi, and the Unesco World Heritage site of Olympia. Then once you've eaten up all the history you can, we'll set sail for lemon-scented islands, remote beaches & getting away from the tourist trail. Depart from Athens and return sun-drenched and salt-soaked, full of the gloriousness of Greek food and endless summer days. Contiki Tours » code: SPGSM14 » id: 35949

13 Days from £1,800 per passenger

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Travelling to...


  • Greece
  • Athens
  • Corinth
  • Mycenae
  • Olympia
  • Delphi
  • Perdika
  • Hydra
  • Plaka
  • Spetses
  • Poros
  • Aegina
  • Europe
  • Mediterranean
Day 1

Arrive Athens


Welcome to Athens, Greek adventurers! The clock starts now on uncovering this ancient country and all its quirks. We're calling it now, that this trip is THE ancient history lovers dream. Settle in to your hotel before catching up with the crew, where a traditional Athens affair is on the cards for those wanting to get straight down to the business of being cultural. On our optional dinner we'll head to the city's old town and dinner, traditional dancing as you feast your eyes (and stomach) with mouthwatering Greek tastes, under the watchful eye of the Acropolis to complete the scene. We can't think of a better way to get right into the Greek way of life.


Day 2

Athens to Olympia via Corinth and Mycenae


Not a second of today will go to waste. Europe’s oldest city will unfold itself this morning as we take to the Parthenon and the Acropolis with the knowledge of a local, then explore the first modern Olympic Stadium from the 1896 Games. That's some really old Olympic vibes right there.
Rugged mountains, cypress trees and citrus groves will pepper our pretty tour from Athens to Corinth, where we will stop to get a look at a man-made canal that squeezes ships through its tight cliffs in what seems like an impossible feat.
What was once a military hotspot is now a jaw-dropping archaeological site amidst the mountain ranges of Greece. Our Trip Manager will uncover the 4,000 year history of Mycenae and Agamemnon’s Palace in a tale of heroics, myths and curses.
And so the historical uncoverings continue as we land in Olympia, the place where the Olympic Games were birthed, and what is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Day 3

Olympia to Delphi


Fun fact: the first Olympic Games was held in 776BC, let's just let that number sink in for a moment...Wow. Today our Local Guide will show us all the important sites of those games, giving you the chance to sit in the 45,000 seat stadium where it actually first took place. If that's not a spine-tingling moment, we don't know what is. We'll wrap it up at the Temple of Hera (Queen of the Greek Gods), and place where the Olympic flame is lit every four years. We'll also visit the ruins of Zeus' temple before we head off on our journey, where you'll be sure to feel the vibes of one of the most well known Greek gods.
The sacred lands of Delphi will be ours this afternoon, again allowing us the chance to uncover world history right here in Greece. Despite being a place of monumental importance, it happens to have a cute little bar scene, and is a great place to sample the national drink of ouzo.


Day 4

Delphi to Athens


Through the limestone columns of the Sanctuary of Apollo, we continue tapping into what was once the centre of the universe for Ancient Greeks. The remains of this Doric style building stands tall with it's remaining 6 (out of an original 15) pillars, and is the perfect spot to absorb the last bit of beauty that is the slopes of Mt. Parnassus before we jump on the trail back to Athens.
Well there you have it, the true scope of mainland Greece's magnificence filed neatly into four incredible days. Make sure you get a good night's sleep tonight, cos this party ain't over yet. Tomorrow we set our sights seaward. Those islands aren't going to sail themselves!


Day 5



With two full days in Athens you have heaps of free time to uncover all the unique sides of this ancient city. From the urban hustle and bustle, the magnificent Acropolis, traditional tavernas, street art and tangible political energy. Tick off all the antiquities, shop the boutiques and markets or eat your way through the best souvlaki, tzatziki and dolmades you can get your hands on.


Day 6

Athens to Perdika


This morning we'll gather round in the Greek capital ready to board our yacht, set sail & conquer the Mediterranean. Our yacht's first stop will be the unspoiled fishing village of Perdika, where we'll be introduced to the slow life & succulent seafood of the isles. All aboard, let's do this!
We kick things off tonight in Perdika Harbour, an un-spoilt fishing spot seeped in traditional Greek lifestyle. Make the use of our stand-up paddle boards and ocean gear, then watch the sun set over a dinner feast.


Day 7

Perdika to Hydra


From one paradise to another, we wave goodbye to Perdika and make our way to a pristine island nestled between the Saronic and Argolic Gulf. We will be making plenty of swim stops to keep things cool, so lather up the sunscreen and perch on deck as we relax into the good life.
Hollywood hangout Hydra is going to wow you with its natural beauty. A vehicle free destination, this is a great chance to stretch out those legs. Cathedrals, monasteries, fresh seafood, nightlife - don't expect a moment of boredom. Find a local nightspot, grab some eats, and pull on those dancing shoes.


Day 8

Hydra to Plaka Leonidion


The yachting life will feel all very perfect & natural this morning as we anchor up yet again & cruise the Med in search of our next destination.
Plaka Leonidion calls us back to Greece's mainland for a day in which swimming in tranquil bays is high priority. This charming seaside town will make you wish you were of Greek heritage as you settle into life on deck once again, and work oh so hard on that magificent tan. Aaaaand, relax.


Day 9

Plaka to Spetses


Plaka will leave us feeling all inspired by what the Greek coastline has on offer - so we'll stick to it! Making our way to Spetses little further in the bay.


Day 10

Spetses to Poros


Kounoupi islet is ours this morning, known as a 'must stop' amongst the savvy yachting community. The relaxing summer vibes continue as we head to Dhokos, home to a 4500 year old shipwreck, offically the oldest in the world.
So pretty with its pine trees and fresh growing lemons, Poros will provide the perfect setting for more beach time and sunset hangs up on deck or on land. Maybe check out a local taverna for lunch... or just keep making the most of that gorgeous yacht we have our hands on and the floaties and paddleboards on deck to keep non existent boredom at bay.


Day 11

Poros to Aegina


Historical artifacts and long coastlines are just around the corner at our final destination before we head back to Athens. So long Poros!
Apart from being jaw-droppingly beautiful and packed with history, this island is pretty as a picture, and offers all of the good things you've come accustomed to, like beach loungers, clear blue waters and local vibes that we know and love. What else do you need to know? Aegina knows how to throw a party. Which makes it the perfect spot for our final evening as posse on this trip. Our Captain will recommend a local spot to kick off this last night.


Day 12

Aegina to Athens


Our final sea journey onboard the boat that we have come to know as home. From Aegina we set sail for Athens, perhaps with a little tear in our eyes.
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! That's what the insta quotes say, right? Meh, maybe you should just book another trip to ease the pain…#NOREGRETS


Day 13

Depart Athens


Back on Athenian shores where the adventure commenced 12 days ago, we'll say our farewells & wrap up the trip. Dry those salty tears, and make sure you swap deets to plan your next sunny escape soon...



  • On the mainland, sleep twin or triple-share in charming hotels set in handy locations in the heart of each city we visit. Then it's fun and frolics aplenty on board Contiki's very own traditional sailing yacht, where for 7 nights at sea you'll be tucked into cosy twin-share cabins. Those who want their own space (or if their snoring demands as such) can upgrade to a single room for a wee bit extra.




  • We'll be keeping you well-fed with breakfast every morning, and we'll treat you to two dinners as well. The rest of your daily menu is up to you. Sample cinnamon-infused moussaka, salty slabs of halloumi, and fresh salads crumbled with feta - not to mention fresh catch of the day - as we sail the Mediterranean sea.




  • You'll be safe in the hands of your experienced trip manager, local English-speaking guide and dedicated on-board skipper, who'll show you the ropes on the streets and seas of Greece. Whether providing local knowledge or lols, our team are people you can trust 100%.

Arrive Athens


  • Visit the famous Plaka area


Athens to Olympia via Corinth and Mycenae


  • Learn about the birthplace of modern society on a guided tour of Athens & the Acropolis


Olympia to Delphi


  • Guided tour including Olympic Stadium and Temples of Hera and Zeus


Delphi to Athens


  • Guided tour of Delphi including the Temple of Apollo


Depart Athens


  • Learn about the birthplace of modern society on a guided tour of Athens & the Acropolis
  • See the first modern Olympic Stadium
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