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European Contrasts plus Corfu (From April 2020)(Multi Share,Start London, End London)

  • European Contrasts plus Corfu (From April 2020)

Contiki tours are for the 18-35 age group only

So, fancy the scenic views of The Swiss Alps, the French Riviera & Rhine Valley? What about roaming cities like Prague, Rome and Paris? With this trip you will leave no path untrodden visiting 12 countries in less than a month plus 3 nights resort side on a Greek Island. You're welcome. Contiki Tours » code: CCSERMA15 » id: 38464

29 Days from £3,465 per passenger

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Travelling to...


  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Monaco
  • Holy See (Vatican City State)
  • Liechtenstein
  • Belgium
  • London
  • Dover
  • Calais
  • Paris
  • Beaujolais
  • French Riviera
  • Monaco
  • Pisa
  • Florence
  • Rome
  • Vatican City
  • Sorrento
  • Pompeii
  • Corfu
  • Venice
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Munich
  • Austrian Tyrol
  • Swiss Alps
  • Heidelberg
  • Rhine Valley
  • Amsterdam
  • Europe
  • British Isles
  • Western Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
Day 1

London to Paris


Welcome to the first day of the best trip of your life - we're calling it early! After a few pleasantries in London we'll get the show on the road with Paris in our sights.A few hours in and your jaws are on the floor already. These chalk cliffs that edge the English coastline are known as the White Cliffs of Dover, the first of many natural beauties we'll see on our trip.After we ferry across the English Channel for France we'll arrive in Calais, where we will take in the history of World War I battlefields in the Valley of the Somme.Kicking off night one, we arrive in none other than the lust-worthy Paris! It's straight down to business with a tour of the city lit up by the lights of night.


Day 2



Drool over haute couture, admire the Notre Dame Cathedral whilst juggling coffee and crêpes & get artsy at the many museums of the Louvre. Just don't wear yourself out, you will probably want to get involved with dinner and the Nouvelle Eve Champagne show. Smitten and it's only day two!


Day 3

Paris to Beaujolais Wine Region


Just before you get too comfortable in that beret and striped shirt combo, we're dragging you away in search of vineyards and châteaus.Here at Contiki’s very own 16th century Château we'll get involved with some wine tasting and play royalty amongst the endless grapevines. Eeeepp!!


Day 4

Beaujolais Wine Region


Pinch yourself, this is another day at the Château & another chance to live your best French countryside life with a full day here in Beaujolais. Rise & shine with optional sunrise yoga on the sprawling lawn of the Château's gardens, relax in the courtyard with a coffee & croissant, or loll about poolside in our castle-like setting. Our highlight today is a picnic in the picturesque gardens. Cue panoramic views & red wine.


Day 5

Beaujolais to French Riviera via Monaco


Yes, yes, you could stay here forever, but unfortunately the show must go on. And there is more French fabulousness just around the corner, we promise.Glamorous beach resorts, coastal villages, superyachts & high-rolling casinos - we must be in the French Riviera. We'll arrive in time to check into our accomodation for the night, ready to rub shoulders with the Jet Set tomorrow.


Day 6

French Riviera via Monaco


Take to the beach for a stroll in Nice. People watch, stock up on some French fashion or chat to the squad about the good times, and the many more to come.Home to the world's most famous casino, yes that's right, we've arrived in Monaco. Ogle at supercars before trying your luck on the blackjack table (if you wish) all dressed in your best at Monte Carlo casino.


Day 7

French Riviera to Florence via Pisa


Today we say our farewells to the French Riviera and take our first jaunt into Italy. Pizza, pasta, & charming locals are about to warm us from the inside out. But first, we stock up on legitimate French perfume and discover how these sweet scents are made with a stop at Fragonard perfumery.No trip around Europe is complete without seeing the world's most famous #AwkwardLean, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Once you've got that perfect snap of you holding the thing up like you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, we'll be on the fast-track to Florence.The dome of Duomo Cathedral sits above the city making certain we know we have arrived in Florence


Day 8

Florence to Rome


Farewell Florence - today we have the epicenter of Italy on our horizons. Pizza, piazzas...we're coming in hot.After our drift through the rustic Tuscan hillsides of cypress trees and glowing fields, we'll be back city side in the Italian capital of Rome. The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon & Piazza Navona are just some of the icons we'll be casting our eyes upon before the sun sets.


Day 9



Rome wasn't built in a day - so get up and get going early to make the most of this ancient city.When in Rome...take an optional guided tour of the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Religious or not, the Vatican's Italian Renaissance church will send shivers down your spine. This is also the day to learn a thing or two about the Colosseum & do a bit of your own exploring.Then hit the streets for your own discoveries. Snap pink azaleas by the Colosseum, throw coins in fountains and sip espresso in a pretty street watching Italian life float by.


Day 10

Rome to Sorrento


Soak up the sweeping views on route to gorgeous Sorrento. Later, choose to take a stunning drive along the Amalfi coast with a visit to breathtaking Positano.


Day 11

Sorrento to Bari via Pompeii


We'll wave goodbye to Sorrento and the gorgeous Mediterranean ocean this morning. Will we be sad? Urr, nope, not with both the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the equally gorgeous Adriatic on our day's to-do list.Once a totally vibing hang-out of the Romans, Pompeii is now an archaeological site showing remains of what was destroyed in the year...wait for it...79AD. The saying "stepping back in time" is about to take on a whole new meaning.Still marvelling at the wonders of Pompeii, our final mainland stop for the day is the Port city of Bari, where we'll hop on board our ferry pointed firmly in the direction of sunny Cofru. Greek island dreams, we're coming for you...


Day 12



The best version of island time? Greek island time. And you'll settle straight into it on the dream scene of Corfu. A heritage listed old town, water sports aplenty & the option to hit the seas again on a cruise - this is a what your first day in Greece will look like.


Day 13



With your vibe set to full explorer mode, the next two days are yours to do as you see fit, and that could be dialling it up or pulling it back, it's your turn to steer the ship. On the cards could include a traditional Ionian Dinner which is lots of Greek dancing, local retsina wine and Greek tastes just like you've seen on Pinterest. Those who like it salty and sunny could take to the high seas for a Captain’s Cruise, which frankly words just can't describe. Those who like it a little more on land could hire a car and cruise the island. The choice is yours sweet traveller!


Day 14



Remember when you first looked at our itinerary and wondered if 3-nights in Corfu would be too much? LOL! What a joke those feels are now. It's our final full day here and we all wish it would last for 3-months. Do any daredevil things you've been putting off or give yourself a day to relax if you've been giving it a nudge since we first arrived.


Day 15

Corfu to Overnight Adriatic Ferry


Before we lose all sense of reality and morph into sea-soaked island dwellers, we're making tracks to Venice for a dose of city hangs. Goodbye Greek Islands, you gorgeous goddess collective!Sleep soundly tonight as we drift our way across the Adriatic Sea. Dream of pretty canals filled with storybook gondolas - tomorrow it will be a reality.


Day 16

Overnight Adriatic Ferry to Venice


Sunshine and boat hangs will season our morning to perfection before we cruise into Italy. Then as the sun sets in the distance we make our way to one of Europe's most iconic cities and a romance hub of Italy, Venice. Packed with canals, gondolas and good times, you can use your 2-nights here to drink it all up at your own pace, savouring every last cobbled lane and every minute of your boat rides. Dreeeeaammy!


Day 17



Wake-up sleeping beauties! Venice is yours for the entirety of this glorious Italian day. We'll be jumping aboard our own private boat and hitting the canals en route to the historical heart of the city. A guided walking tour and a gondola ride are up for grabs, or you can always choose to get lost on your own and see where the maze takes you.


Day 18

Venice to Vienna


Arrivederci, Venice! You've been splendid. We're back on the road through the Dolomite Mountains en route to Vienna, the home of delicious cakes, Mozart and more.Armed with excitement of what's up next, we arrive in Vienna ready for a serious cultural fix. For those culture vultures among us, you could end the day with a classic concert and a night out.


Day 19



A whole day lies ahead to uncover the ethereal Austrian capital. Our Trip Manager will uncover the historical heritage of Schönbrunn Palace, the State Opera House and the gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. And once you've seen all that, you'll have a bit of free time to check out art galleries and local coffee houses, maybe even try a slice of the famous Sacher Torte.


Day 20

Vienna to Prague via Cesky Krumlov


Today we travel out of Austria to its northern neighbour, Czech Republic. But don't despair, we will be in the fine country of Germany in just a few days for you to keep practising your German!Just after we cross the border we'll take a break in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Ceský Krumlov. Old-world charm meets glorious cafes meets cobblestone lanes & cute shops.Now positively inspired by our newest crush, the Czech Republic, we head north out of Ceský Krumlov to its capital city of Prague. Fast becoming a European hotspot, Prague will woo you with its cathedrals & pretty bridges.


Day 21



With a full day to loiter, expect an entire photo album of Gothic architecture, market antics & you cheers-ing cheap beer; not to mention life!


Day 22

Prague to Munich


We warned you about falling head over heels for Prague! Sorry kids, you can not live here forever. Unless....?Wiping away our Czech tears we traipse into Germany on the hunt for some delightful Bavarian culture. Munich may be known for its Oktoberfest festivities, but the spirit of things kicks on year round. An optional bike tour will get you very well acquainted with things, just after you've swooned at a Gothic glockenspiel complete with 32 dancing figures and 43 chiming bells.


Day 23

Munich to Austrian Tyrol


Goodbye Munich, hello mountains. We're hitting the road in search of lands so sweet they made The Sound of Music.This part of the world is famous for adventure sports, so best put your name next to the optional White Water Rafting and get in the spirit of things. Next up, Contiki’s very own Austrian Gasthof (guest house) is waiting for us with open arms. Before we swing into action with a themed party, get outside and explore the dreamy setting we've descended upon.


Day 24

Austrian Tyrol to Swiss Alps via Liechtenstein


Farewell life in the blissful Austrian Alps, but fear not, the alpine air will fill your lungs later today at our next amazing destination, but not before a few stops to explore even more along the way.We'll make a well earned pit stop in the capital of the tiny country of the Principality of Liechtenstein - famous for being double landlocked - surrounded by the two already landlocked countries of Switzerland and Austria, now there's a fact we bet you never thought you would learn.Arrive in this picture perfect setting ready for two nights at our very own Swiss Chalet, starting off with a traditional and oh so cheesy fondue and a night in the infamous 'bomb shelter' bar.


Day 25

Swiss Alps


Open the window of your room & drink in the incredible view - if you can find words or photos that do it justice, we applaud you! If you're feeling audacious, opt to take a trip to a Swiss mountain with your travel crew, or feel free to explore this classic European adventure town.


Day 26

Swiss Alps to Rhine Valley via Heidelberg


Out with the altitude, into Germany for a brand new day and a brand new country. Once we've crossed the border out of Switzerland we will be coasting into beer and wine territory in the castle dotted landscapes of the Rhine Valley.We keep the suspense with a stop off in Heidelberg and its medieval vibes which are matched only by its student vibes before we're back on the road and the alpine air.After the scenic journey of fairytale castles, vineyards and valleys, you'll be charmed before we even arrive in Germany's famous Rhine Valley. This back-in-time town is our wine tasting host for the evening. Squeal!!!


Day 27

Rhine Valley to Amsterdam via Edam


This morning we'll drag you all away from Germany kicking and screaming that you want to stay forever. Only to see you equally infatuated with another dot on the European map hours later...Pretty canals lined with quaint crooked houses and cafes bursting with life. Amsterdam is all that and way more than what you could ever imagine.


Day 28



It's our last full day on trip & our last night to party up a storm with the squad. Use the day to explore quirky museums & sample the endless array of cuisines this city has on offer. The best way to say farewell to this gorgeous city? Opt to take the A'DAM lookout swing, an incredible observation deck with unrivalled panoramas of the twisting canals below.


Day 29

Depart Amsterdam


Get your tissues ready, it's time to say goodbye to your new Contiki family. We'll escort you to Schiphol Airport by about 10am.For those not leaving us until London, we'll travel south through Belgium - cross another country off your list.This afternoon we cross from France to England and then back to London-town, where you'll be left to start dreaming up your next big adventure.



  • The accommodation you'll be snoozing is probably amongst the coolest you'll ever encounter. Spend 2 nights in Contiki's own French Château, 1 in our Austrian Gasthof, 2 in our Swiss Chalet, 6 in our cosy village cabins, 8 in comfy hotels, 7 in funky hostels and another 2 aboard ferries!




  • Europe is famous for a plethora of gourmet treats, from Swiss favourites like raclette to steaming bowls of goulash in Austria. With 28 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 14 dinners included in your trip your taste buds will be thanking you!




  • A highly trained Trip Manager who brings your adventure to life. An expert driver who knows foreign roads better than Google Maps. Local Guides who make tourist traps a thing of the past. This is your team. Smart, friendly, fun, and integral to everything we do.

Beaujolais Wine Region


  • Enjoy a French picnic in the beautiful countryside of the Beaujolais wine region
  • Unwind on the lawn with Yoga and a glass of wine!


Beaujolais Wine Region to French Riviera


  • Visit a French perfumery




  • Private boat through the canals & islands of Venice
  • See the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Square
  • See Venice's iconic canals & gondolas




  • See Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral & the State Opera House
  • Scenic drive along the historic Ring Road


Austrian Tyrol to Swiss Alps


  • Scenic drive through the Alps




  • Included Dinner
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