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A Warm Welcome to the World of Trafalgar

Heading to a new place for the first time, it's great having a friend there to welcome you. A person who wants to make sure you have a wonderful time; will introduce you to the locals and show you hidden treasures you would have otherwise missed.

That’s what we offer at Trafalgar with our knowledgeable and well-connected Travel Directors. Together with our behind-the-scenes team, they’ll attend to every detail of your trip, so all your time can be spent enjoying your holiday.

There’s no need to plan your journey before you leave home or on your trip. We’ll arrange everything for you, whether it’s choosing the right accommodation, taking your luggage to your room or arranging VIP access to major attractions so you can avoid the queues. It’s all done quietly behind-the-scenes.


A guided holiday makes a great addition or even an alternative to a cruise. You’ll see more than just the coast, discovering places by both day and night and allowing you to experience local culture genuinely.

We’re certain that guided travel is one of the best ways to truly experience a destination, but not all guided holiday companies are the same. Find out what sets us apart.

No one has been able to come close to establishing anything like our network of local characters; from chefs and artisans to historians, farmers and even taxi drivers. You’ll eat with them, drink with them; listen to their stories. You’ll find they’ll open up your understanding of your destination in ways you never imagined.

We offer more destinations and more types of holiday than any other guided travel operator. Take a look at our trip types. You’ll find there’s a range of travel styles to suit you.

There’s always an element of free time and flexibility built-in, and there’s often a range of trips and Optional Experiences to choose from.

You’ll be a VIP: enjoy exclusive access to selected sights, avoid queues at major attractions, benefit from luggage porterage right to your room, and stay in carefully selected hotels.

We deliver what we promise: the real deal.


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